Walking Tracks


Track 1 - The entire loop is 4km. This track will take you around the entire property. Start at the back of area "D" and head south. Take your time. There are plenty of areas on this track to take advantage of the views, spot birds and butterflies. Track 1 has side tracks for those who don't want to continue and want to head back to camp. So, it can take as little as 20 minutes to walk or you can spend hours as you check out native flora and fauna. Stop at the Wallaby Waterhole or Platypus Pond for a swim along the way.


This track leads from behind area "E" up the central mountain. This track is constructed for much of the way and then is reduced to a small track for the rest of the way to the escarpment. There are spectacular views over the country side from this track.


The Twin Gorges is purely rock climbing up a gorge, which is accessed from the back of area "D". It is very difficult and only for the very keen and fit walker. Walk along a boulder strewn dry creek bed and be prepared for plenty of boulder hopping and scrambling up and down large rock faces. There are some significant trees in the area being of rain forest nature. You will see ferns, crow's nests, stag and elk horns as well as orchids. It is best to discuss this climb with staff in the office before commencing.